Should marijuana be legal ? Yes or No (topgraded cannabis 2019 reviews answers it all)


Other than medicinal cannabis, should marijuana’s legalization state be debated (Buy topgraded cannabis at top grade cannabis dispensary)

The cannabis legalization debate had gone on for years, although it is only recently that the legalization of pot has been a real possibility. Here are the main arguments, for and against pot legalization.

Why cannabis should be legal variety

Many of the pro-legalization arguments are based on the idea that marijuana use cannot really be controlled, and that efforts to control marijuana use cause more problems than they solve These arguments are pragmatic—they don’t necessarily state that marijuana use is a good thing, but that it is not going away so we may as well benefit from it as a society. (buy medical marijuana online from Russia) These arguments include:

  • Legalizing marijuana will reduce the strain on the legal and criminal justice systems by cutting out or massively reducing relatively petty marijuana-related crime, such as possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use.
  • Production and sales of marijuana by the government, rather than by criminals, will save lives, create jobs, and generate money which can be used for social programs, education, and healthcare.
  • Crime related to marijuana production, trafficking and dealing will be reduced or eliminated.
  • By setting an age limit on marijuana use, there can be stricter controls on whether younger people can access marijuana.(Buy top grade medical marijuana in South carolina)

Other arguments are more positive and are focused on free will and the potential benefits of marijuana use. These arguments include:

  • The right of every individual to determine what they consume, (buy weed from Europe) and how they influence their own state of consciousness.
  • Freedom for anyone, regardless of medical status, to use marijuana for therapeutic reasons without the approval of a physician or diagnosis of a specific medical condition.
  • The recreational potential of marijuana—similar to the recreational use of alcohol, with arguably fewer and/or less severe consequences.
  • The positive effects of marijuana on creativity.(buy topgrade cannabis from USA)

Why marijuana should not be legalcrazy

Many of the arguments against the legalization of marijuana are based on the idea that any softening of the government’s position of drugs is dangerous, and will lead to an increase in drug-related problems. These arguments include:

  • The inability of employers to ensure a drug-free workplace since they will no longer be able to give their employees drug tests for marijuana.
  • A permissive message being sent to young people that drug use is acceptable.
  • Creating the public perception that marijuana is not a serious or harmful drug, when in fact, it leads to numerous mental and physical harms, including use of other illicit drugs, health problems, driving while ability is impaired by cannabis, and cannabis use problems among early onset marijuana users who start using the drug before age 15.
  • Loss of control over medical marijuana by physicians.
  • Inconsistency with other laws: for example, if a state legalizes marijuana, this conflicts with federal drug laws. This leads to confusion in the public and among law enforcers. In the United States, commercially available drugs are subject to rigorous clinical trials to evaluate safety and efficacy. Data appraising the effectiveness of marijuana in conditions such as HIV/AIDS, epilepsy, and chemotherapy-associated vomiting is limited and often only anecdotal (Buy top grade medical marijuana ?? Not good??)

Why marijuana should be legal

medical marijuana
medical use of marijuana

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Marijuana has been legalized in 10 states and Washington, DC
Marijuana legalization is a response to the failures of the war on drugs
A majority of Americans now support legal marijuana
15 states have decriminalized — but not legalized — marijuana
Marijuana is legal for medical purposes in 33 states
Marijuana is illegal under federal law even in states that legalize it
Marijuana is a relatively safe drug — with some risks
The case for marijuana legalization
The case against marijuana legalization
Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize marijuana

For years, marijuana has been successfully used to help people with serious health issues, particularly with cancer patients. Cancer patients should not have to travel to states where it is legal just to get treatment that can make their lives better and allow them to feel better. Because of the stigma attached to marijuana, many sick patients are afraid to get marijuana. Additionally, legalizing marijuana will allow sick patients to have it without having to jump through hoops just to get it for medicinal purposes. Marijuana has proven to have health benefits for more than just cancer patients.

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If an individual lives in a state where marijuana is legal for medicinal or recreational purposes, they’re safe from arrests in that state but not when traveling to other states. Legalizing marijuana would make traveling with marijuana safe and stress-free.


While alcohol and prescription drugs are responsible for almost 200,000 deaths each year, marijuana is safe to use and will not kill you. Before marijuana could even begin to be harmful, an individual would have to consumer more than it’s even possible to consume.

kids smoking

Divided Opinions

The world is divided, both in opinion and in law, over cannabis legalization.

It is well known that marijuana has been legal in Holland for decades, and the open sale and smoking of cannabis in the coffee shops of Amsterdam has been a major tourist attraction. Yet violent crime typically associated with drug use is rare, and Amsterdam is one of the safest cities in the world.(Order marijuana products from anywhere and get shipped)

And Portugal successfully decriminalized all drugs in 2001. Follow-up research has indicated positive health outcomes, such as reduction in STDs and drug-related deaths, and no increase in youth drug use or drug tourism. (order Concentrates and edibles online at topgraded dispensary)

Canada was one of the first countries to regulate medical marijuana, in 2001. Canada is also home to the only safe injection site in North America, which does not allow marijuana or other inhalable drugs but does allow injectable drugs such as heroin. More and more US states have made medical marijuana legal, although the UK, with its long tradition in prescribing drugs such as heroin and methadone, has not.

Must we get high ??

Do you wanna be high?

In marijuana policy debates, whether legalization leads to more use is a crucial point of contention. Legalization advocates argue that allowing the drug but regulating it could reduce use and make its use safer, while critics say legalization will make pot more easily accessible and, therefore, more widely used and misused.

It’s too early to say whether full legalization will lead to more widespread use, but recent research has found that pot use increased in states that legalized medical marijuana.

A comprehensive study from researchers at the RAND Corporation found that laws that allow medical marijuana dispensaries correlate with increases in overall pot use and dependence for adults 21 and older but only rises in dependence among youth. The findings suggest that allowing businesses to sell marijuana leads to more access and use, particularly for adults.

Another study from Emory University researchers found that after some states legalized medical marijuana, they saw increases in overall marijuana use and, for adults 21 and over, a rise in binge drinking. The increase in binge drinking is particularly worrying because while marijuana carries few health and social risks, alcohol causes many serious public health and safety issues, such as liver damage, more fatal car crashes, and violent behaviors that can spur crime.

This latest research disputes earlier studies that found no increases in teen pot use following the legalization of medical marijuana. Drug policy experts argue these earlier studies were far less robust; they failed to control for factors like whether a state allows dispensaries, cultivation, or only possession — rendering them incapable of gauging the full effect of different pot policies. (Medical top grade marijuana)

Still, the studies by and large only show correlation, meaning it might not be medical marijuana legalization that’s necessarily causing the increase in use. And it’s possible — although not likely — that the effects of medical marijuana laws on use could be more pronounced than full legalization.(привет, купить марихуану онлайн , 你好,在线买大麻, hello, kūʻai pākīlia online, hello, marijuana a cheannach ar líne, hallo, koop marihuana online)

If legalization does lead to more pot use, the question for society and public health officials is whether that downside outweighs the benefits of legalization. More people getting intoxicated — albeit through a relatively safe drug — isn’t an outcome that most supporters of legalization see as desirable, but banning pot has costs of its own, including hundreds of thousands of racially skewed arrests and the creation of a black market that helps finance violent drug cartels around the world.(buy from anywhere in the world, buy medical marijuana in UK)

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  3. ericjames55720 says:

    Yes it should be with the opiate epidemic and meth affecting so many peoples lives that lie we been told that marijuana is a gateway drug was all a lie they put that in the minds of everyone to make you feel like hey I am using drugs my as well try other drugs and that’s how the drug problem began where if people thought of weed like cigarettes or alchohol there would be no experimenting and feeling like your already a drug addict and the shame that come along with the use of marijuana it’s time that the addicts go back to there first love and that pleasurable feeling they been looking for the relief from the things they are wanting to escape and as it being illegal still federally that puts people at risk of being exposed to other drugs because the dealers are like buisness people so they have more then one drug and it puts the pot smokers at risk of exposure to those other drugs maybe they were never intending on searching for its pandoras box the way it is now if it was regulated and made available for everyone it would cut the guy out who has the variety of drugs on hand and the dispensaries only have marijuana and it’s by products not Joe smoe that has marijuana for sale but also sells heroin and meth and offers his customers free samples as anyway to generate customers in his other markets the law makers need to think outside the box and understand that people are always gonna look for an escape and a way to relax and marijuana is by far the safest way for a person to achieve that and not be exposed to heroin and all the other drugs that the black market contributes I say eventually legalize all drugs because people are being sold fentanyl when they intended to get heroin or meth laced with fentanyl and the health care cost that goes along with the use of dirty drugs and the infections damage being done from the cut that people are putting in the products to boost profit and countries using Americas drug problem as a tool to weaken our country and weaponizing the use of drugs to kill thousands of people every year the cartels in Mexico wouldn’t even be a factor if the government stepped in the game and produced pure clean drugs and safe places for people to use if they so choose take it out of the hands of the people who wish to do harm and make as much profit off the misery of people and the daily struggles addicts have to maintain there high you cant force anyone to quit in time people grow up or get sick of that life style and if there are people there to ensure safe using practices until that person decides that life is not for them locking people up and using it as a tool to label certain people is not the way to beat drugs and creating a war that never ends in drugs and watching the toll it’s took on countless peoples lives the children who have been affected by mass incarceration and they created a monster that provides more jobs then any industry from probation to judges lawyers jailers corrections officers and at the same time using those inmates to basically do slave labor and the cost it has created due to the mental health affects of caging a human being and telling it what to do how and when to do it has caused more damage to this country then any gun manufacturer has ever done because some day that person is gonna be free and when he cant get a job or place to live and be forced to survive any way possible that person who was a drug user to begin no turned into a criminal and possibly a murderer or rapist that maybe never would have if not for the circumstances he was put into due to his past drug offenses

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